Lehigh University Uses Beyond Pulse Wearable Technology to Redefine Health and Performance Monitoring

The Seshadri Laboratory at Lehigh University is teaming up with Beyond Pulse, a leading innovator in wearable technology. This partnership marks a significant advancement in the realm of health and performance monitoring, particularly in the context of athletics and beyond.

Bethlehem, PA — The Seshadri Laboratory at Lehigh University is teaming up with Beyond Pulse, a leading innovator in wearable technology. This partnership marks a significant advancement in the realm of health and performance monitoring, particularly in the context of athletics and beyond.

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Led by Dhruv Seshadri, Principal Investigator at the Seshadri Laboratory, Lehigh University, the initiative focuses on the development, validation, and translation of wearable technology for comprehensive health and performance monitoring. Leveraging the expertise of an interdisciplinary team, the collaboration with Lehigh University's athletic department enables the collection of longitudinal data critical for advancing predictive models.

“The models generated from this study are being translated to address unmet clinical needs in medicine where objective data from wearable technology can complement subjective clinical decision-making protocols to improve patient-reported outcome measures.”

In other words, the findings from this study are being used to tackle unmet needs in medical care for student-athletes. Seshadri is using data from wearable devices to help everyone involved make smarter decisions based on solid information.

One of the key voices in this initiative is Joseph Amitrano, a Ph.D. student at Lehigh University in the Seshadri laboratory. Amitrano shared his enthusiasm about the project, stating, “Industry-academic collaborations are vital, offering Ph.D. candidates real-world exposure, resource access, and networking crucial for holistic development.” 

Lehigh University's bioengineering program, renowned for its emphasis on interdisciplinary work and high-quality research, offers students like Amitrano unparalleled opportunities for academic and professional growth. 

The collaboration between Lehigh University and Beyond Pulse will invite the Lehigh University Women’s Soccer program to participate in this project, marking a big step forward in the integration of wearable technology into sports science and healthcare.  

The women's team is using Beyond Pulse's wearable technology to track and analyze the biometric data of their athletes during training and games. This technology will allow them to monitor metrics like heart rate, distance covered, and intensity of activity. By leveraging this data, the team can tailor training programs, manage workload, and optimize the overall health and performance of their players.

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“As women’s college soccer continues to evolve, the overall health and well-being of female student-athletes must be our top priority,” shared Lauren Calabrese, head coach of the Lehigh Women’s Soccer program. 

“[We’re] thrilled to collaborate with the Seshadri Laboratory at Lehigh University and Beyond Pulse to discern how wearable technologies and biometric data can be leveraged to improve student-athlete health and performance outcomes, and in doing so, elevate our competitive process. Our partnership with the Seshadri Laboratory and Beyond Pulse offers a compelling opportunity for our program to take up an interdisciplinary approach to student-athlete development. We are excited to learn more about how student-athlete health metrics can be positioned as a point of departure to identify  preventative measures and observable interventions that can be scaled to promote healthy and sustainable habit formation for both individual and overall team well-being.”

Matt Pell, CEO of Beyond Pulse expressed his enthusiasm, “We’re thrilled to be supporting the Seshadri Laboratory and Lehigh University with our wearable tech in this project. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, this partnership holds the promise of revolutionizing health and performance monitoring, not only for athletes but also for broader clinical applications.”

About Lehigh University

Lehigh University is a premier research university located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, renowned for its academic excellence, innovative research, and commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and interdisciplinary learning.

About the Seshadri Laboratory

The Seshadri Laboratory at Lehigh University focuses on advancing the field of wearable technology through research, development, and translation, with a particular emphasis on improving health and performance monitoring. For more information about the Seshadri laboratory, please visit seshadrilab.com.

About Beyond Pulse

Beyond Pulse is a leader in wearable technology specifically tailored for athletes of all ages and abilities. Beyond Pulse uses technology to inspire a lifelong love of activity amongst its users and to empower coaches to improve how they structure training sessions and mentor other coaches as well. Discover more at beyondpulse.com and follow us on Twitter.

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