Burlington SC is Leveraging Beyond Pulse Technology for Player and Coach Development

Burlington SC, a leading community sports club in Ontario, has teamed up with Beyond Pulse to revolutionize the way their players train and perform. The U13 and the U17 ODPL Boys players will now be equipped with Beyond Pulse’s innovative Smart Belts, designed to track a range of metrics, including active participation, distance covered, speed, and intensity of play.

The Smart Belts will provide a clear picture of each player's progress and each session’s effectiveness, enabling both players and coaches to analyze, reflect and improve their skills. The tool will also help increase player engagement and retention, by providing simple and intuitive feedback loops that encourage individual and team growth.  

Burlington SC has made a pledge to Long Term Player Development (LTPD), a scientific framework for athlete training and growth that takes into account the natural stages of physical, mental, and emotional development in players. LTPD serves as the foundation of the Club, with its principles integrated into the Club's programming and decision-making. By utilizing Beyond Pulse sports technology, Burlington Soccer Club aims to further its mission of holistically nurturing players and providing them with the best possible soccer experience, instilling a lifelong love for the sport.

“We feel that introducing this technology to our teams provides significant value to the club and our players.,” said Jamie Shannon, Head Coach of the U17 Boys and the Assistant Coach of the U13 Boys at Burlington Soccer Club. “The players get a chance to see the results of their individual training efforts in relation their teammates performance. The coaches’ gain a valuable tool to help them not only monitor the workload and activity levels of their players but also to reflect on their own coaching performance and to assist with session planning and professional development.” 

"We are thrilled to partner with Burlington Soccer Club. Their commitment to both player and personal development is aligned with our mission.  We’re excited to see how our technology will enhance their holistic approach to player development and help them provide the players with the highest quality soccer experience. We look forward to working together to inspire a lifelong passion for the sport."

About Beyond Pulse  

Beyond Pulse is a global leader in wearable technology specifically tailored for athletes of all ages and abilities. Beyond Pulse uses technology to inspire a lifelong love of activity amongst its users, and to empower coaches to improve how they structure training sessions and mentor other coaches as well. Discover more at beyondpulse.com and follow us on Twitter. 



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