Beyond Pulse Motivates Young Soccer Athletes to Keep Moving and Stay Connected from Home During the Covid Pandemic

Using Beyond Pulse's Smart Belt and Player App, soccer players are invited to participate in the Active Minutes Project Contest with a chance to win prizes from Nike Soccer

PORTLAND, OR, APRIL 2020 – With a Covid pandemic forcing people to stay at home, Beyond Pulse (BP), creator of smart wearable educational technology developed with the young soccer athlete at the center, has created the Active Minutes Project, a contest aimed to inspire young athletes to keep moving and stay connected.

Beyond Pulse's Active Minutes Project, which runs from April 27 – June 28, 2020, is a contest that enables young soccer players to train at home using Beyond Pulse Smart Belts and Player App, which records the players' individual training sessions, movements and activities, including the player's Active Minutes. 

"With the onset of Covid, we know how hard it must be for kids who love to go to soccer practice and can't," said Marc-Andre Maillet, CEO and co-founder, Beyond Pulse. "Given that, we wanted to create an environment that keeps kids moving and connected to their coaches and the soccer community while at home. We hope the Active Minutes Project provides a healthy distraction to what is a difficult time."

The results, which the players' coaches also receive, are posted on a national leaderboard on a week-to-week basis. Each week, prizes provided by Nike Soccer will be awarded to coaches and players with the highest number of Active minutes. The prizes include:

  • Nike hoodies
  • Nike cleats 
  • Duktig Trainer DLX

About Beyond Pulse

Beyond Pulse creates smart wearable educational technology developed to help coaches coach better with the athlete at the center. Where most wearable sports technologies aim to improve player performance, Beyond Pulse is dedicated to improving the coach, while also empowering organizations to help develop coaches. Designed by coaches for coaches, Beyond Pulse exists to create a better youth sports culture, by helping coaches be better teachers and leaders. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2017, Beyond Pulse guides coaches in understanding the health and performance of their players, including key development indicators such as Heart Rate, Player Workload, Distance Covered, Speed, High Impact Sprints and Calories. The core strength of Beyond Pulse is the unique team of people who are both experts in their field and passionate about achieving the Beyond Pulse mission – to promote best practices in coaching education and youth development. The BP Smart Belt, affordable and easy-to-use, was developed for coaches, players, clubs and parents. For more information, visit


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