Beyond Pulse Announces Partnership with Veo Camera

Beyond Pulse partners with Veo, the ultimate camera for team sports, with the shared mission of improving all training environments by providing objective tools for players and coaches.

PORTLAND, OR, FEBRUARY, 2021Beyond Pulse (BP), creator of smart wearable educational technology developed to help coaches coach better with the soccer athlete at the center, announces that it is partnering with Veo, the ultimate camera for team sports. 

The collaboration offers customers who buy a Veo Camera and a Veo annual subscription between February 10 and March 7, 2021, with five Smart Belts from Beyond Pulse. The premise for this partnership is to elevate the training experience by combining both visual analysis with wearable technology to produce valuable feedback for coaches and players. 

“The use of video is an integral component of the resources clubs and coaches should be using to support the growth and development of their players, teams and staff. Considering the climate, we currently find ourselves in, its importance has never been greater," said Tom Shields, Global Director of Club Development and Coach Education for Beyond Pulse.

"After using Veo firsthand, I have witnessed both the simplicity of use and value their cameras bring, and I can think of no better organization for clubs / colleges / high schools to turn to provide this service. I look forward to our Beyond Pulse membership taking advantage of this wonderful product.”

The Veo camera allows athletes and coaches to record, upload and study matches. It also permits coaches to cut highlights and share them with players. The Veo analysis platform has easy-to-use features that help analyze matches and training sessions.

The Beyond Pulse sensor measures a number of important data points including Active Participation. Active Participation is a unique measure, and it is used to assist coaches in delivering engaging practices that keep players actively moving throughout the session. Beyond Pulse provides detailed and easy-to-understand reports that will help coaches better understand the health and performance of their players.

About Beyond Pulse

Beyond Pulse creates smart wearable educational technology developed to help coaches coach better with the athlete at the center. Where most wearable sports technologies aim to improve player performance, Beyond Pulse is dedicated to improving the coach, while also empowering organizations to help develop coaches. Designed by coaches for coaches, Beyond Pulse exists to create a better youth sports culture, by helping coaches be better teachers and leaders. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2017, Beyond Pulse guides coaches in understanding the health and performance of their players, including key development indicators such as Heart Rate, Player Workload, Distance Covered, Speed, High Impact Sprints and Calories. The core strength of Beyond Pulse is the unique team of people who are both experts in their field and passionate about achieving the Beyond Pulse mission – to promote best practices in coaching education and youth development. The BP Smart Belt, affordable and easy-to-use, was developed for coaches, players, clubs and parents. For more information, visit


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